2 Months with Dreadlocks





7 Weeks With Dreadlocks

I’ve noticed a little shrinkage since I got the extensions. I stopped palm rolling them because I would really like for them to get thicker. Still no loops, but most dreads have funky little balls forming in them. I learned that you can have a bad hair day with dreads, but it was because I slept on them wet. The roots are getting really long and loose. I don’t think it’s entirely new growth, but if it is, then I’m gonna have my own long dreads pretty soon.  My dreads keep trying to eat my loose hair that I have in the front, and it’s also looking really dry and unhappy. Sometimes I consider dreading the loose hair, but I feel like I would regret it.DSCF4628




6 Weeks With Dreadlocks

It was wonderful to finally be able to wear my hair down at school again. I got so many complements on my hair, most from strangers. I’m amazed by the conservatives open-mindedness about my hippie ways.img_9652img_9572img_9287img_9210

They’re getting super frizzy at the top, but the body of my dreads are still really solid. A few of the bodies are getting lumpy though which I’m hoping insinuates loops, and further maturation phases.


5 Weeks With Dreadlocks


I tucked sections from each side under each other to create this woven look

They weren’t at all what I was expecting them to look like, and although I do wish they were thicker and longer, I’m extremely happy to have them look presentable, and like dreads, when I have them down. They’re entering the super frizzy phase.


I found that immediately after I got the extensions my head was significantly less itchy. The original plan for tat day was also to get maintenance done, but I was kindly advised to wait because it would be better for them, and they could totally make it another few weeks. I did a whole video about that day linked below.

This last week of having short dreads was spent pining for longer ones, and waiting for the ability to cover my insecurities with my hair once again, although I’m finding that I have so many at this point, that unless I become Cousin It, I won’t be able to hide.




3 Weeks with Dreadlocks

I made my appointment for my extensions and first maintenance for February 24!lindsey%20dreads%20charley2

So, 3 weeks. They still change a lot with every wash, and always get looser. I know it’s time to wash them when they get super itchy and keep me up at night. That happens about every 3 days.  As you can see in this picture, the top is getting frizzy.


It’s really humid today, and the ends of my dreads are curling up like Jackie Kennedy! Here I have my lose hair braided back because it keeps trying to dread itself, and almost seems like more trouble than it’s worth, but I do like the look.

They still don’t have any loops, although maybe the hint of the beginning of some, and they haven’t shrunk at all.  Every time they get washed they get softer, which is nice, but I assumed as they got softer, they’d get less itchy, but I was wrong. The itch got deeper.


The ends may look like really skinny dreads, but they’re juts lose hair that’s stuck together. I still always wear my dreads back at school. Not too much has changed yet.