The Jumping Off Point

I’m getting the weird first post over with.


Hello, I’m Autumn Wilde, and I’m soon going to be a dreadhead. Through all of my research of dreadlocks, I still had a lot of unanswered questions. I figure I could answer all of my questions while also educating others. There’s a whole lot I could say here, but I guess an introduction of myself belongs in the about tab, so go there if you want that.

Me jumping off of some driftwood in Elk California

I guess this blog is gonna be a conglomeration of my life. I’ve had other blogs in the pas which of course I stopped using after a couple weeks. Same goes for Youtube channels, Instagrams, Twitter, Tumblrs, and so on, you name it, I’ve lost interest in it. But oh well, I felt like making this so here it is. I guess a big problem is feeling like something has to be perfect and then wanting to explain every detail of everything becomes a pretty daunting task. I don’t even feel like this post is well written. I’m getting the weird first post over with.

Me on a rock in Ennis Montana

I travel a good bit, workout a good bit, and I’m getting dreadlocks on January 21, 2017.

My First Youtube Video