Hello there earthling, I’m Autumn Wilde, and this is yet another creative outlet. Here, along with my Youtube Channel are where I post about my dreadlock journey, adventures, and health. Stay on my wavelength, and hopefully you’ll be intrigued or inspired.

Me and Gus the 1973 dream machine

I’m 17 years old, 5’4, and looking for a man who likes long walks on the…. KIDDING! I’m happily in a relationship with my boyfriend of one year, and my best adventure partner. I’ve been a dreadhead since 1/21/17, and I’d love to share my experience with you. Some might call me a free spirit, or a hippie, and while those are both quite flattering remarks, I’m just me. All I can be is Autumn, which is also my favorite season.


I’m super into fitness and am currently on my way to mental and physical health, after a rough 2016. So hopefully you’ll get to watch my weight drop from 154-120. Being short, I don’t carry it well. I do however love being short, and wearing cool socks.

Muffin the Squirrel

I absolutely love squirrels, and really any rodent. I think they’re so cute. I’ve had such a manajery of animals grow up next to me, so I’m all about critters.

My family travels a fair amount, so there’s been adventure deep in my blood since I was born. My favorite mountains are the Tetons, and one of my favorite beaches is in Northern California, but it’s a secret. I’ve been to Yellowstone 3 times, Wyoming 3 times, Utah, Idaho twice,  and Montana 3 times as well.  On the east coast, I’ve visited North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Ohio,Connecticut, Rhode Island and Vermont. Vermont being where I was born. I’m so stoked to see what the future holds for my adventures and I have some big plans ahead with Gus the bus.

Thanks for checking out my blog!