My body is so loud when it comes to alerting me of my wrongdoings relating to its well being. I’ve compiled a list of my body’s signals, their meanings, and how to solve them. I’ve done some research relating to the remedies that I could emplace to further my physical health. I took what I see as abnormalities to my healthy function, and found the solutions, or at least healthy steps toward other solutions. Take what you will from this, I’m no doctor.

(do understand that there are other causes relating to these issues, and more solutions as well, but if you’re looking for a small increase in consciousness without having your brain overwhelmed, this is the list for you. Wouldn’t hurt to try theses suggestions.)


Excess Sebum:

Cause: excess oil in the diet

Remedy:  balanced diet, lower in processed oils and saturated fats. Include more vitamin C, B3, and niacin into your diet to promote healthy hair.

Regularly shampoo with a non-residue shampoo, and massage your scalp.


Cause: too much dairy, high refined sugar, and soy

Remedy: exemption of excess dairy, oily processed foods, replace simple sugars with complex sugars, and minimize soy consumption as best as you can. Add more vitamin A rich foods such as broccoli, sweet potato, or squash.

Regularly wash your face with a soap that suits your skin type, witch hazel is highly recommended over rubbing alcohol to use on breakouts. find a serum, or lotion that helps you exfoliate. Avoid using peeling masks often.

Waxy Ears:

Cause: lack of attention to the area especially after long moist periods and possibly high glycemic index foods

Remedy: avoiding foods with a high glycemic index such as bread, crackers, cereal, sweet drinks, pies, cakes, candies, and dehydrated fruits.

Clean out your ears often and safely, don’t push wax deeper into your ears, it perpetuates the problem.


Tonsil Stones:

Cause: small particles of food and  bacteria getting caught in the crypts of the tonsils

Remedy: avoiding nuts, chips, oats, and rice, along with similar sticky substances that could potentially get stuck in your throat, although if you have this as an ongoing issue, you probably know your trigger.

Gargle with salt water regularly, along with mouthwash, and occasionally hydrogen peroxide. Pay attention to oral hygiene.

Body Odor:

Cause: buildup of bacteria in the creases of the body

Remedy: avoidance of high odor foods, curry, garlic, onion, and shallot. High sulfur foods such as cauliflower and cabbage.

Wear deodorant, but avoid antiperspirant as it blocks pores.Sweat more often from exercise to cleanse your body and drink lots of water to dilute high sodium

Nagging Cough:

Cause: inflammation of the lungs due to lasting illness.

Remedy: eating broccoli which is very good for your lungs and oil of oregano. Also anti-inflammatory fruits such as apples, blueberries kale, and melon.

I don’t really have any other suggestions, this is my most confusing issue.


Cause: improper food combining, imbalanced gut bacteria, and possible intolerance.

Remedy: introduction of a probiotic, adding yogurt, decreasing intake of fake sweetener, eating less soy, and (in my case) avoiding gluten and nuts.

Try not to swallow air, as this can also be a cause. Learn about food combining here

Irregular Bowel Movements:

Cause: inadequate water retention in the colon, and fiber consumption

Remedy: avoiding too much cheese, bread, and any other white, processed food. Low fiber foods will block you up. Eat plenty of high fiber fruits and vegetables to maintain a good digestive flow, and drink plenty of water (my goal is a gallon a day). Be aware that too much fiber can also lead to issues.

Do yoga, and other exercises to massage the digestive organs, and try and get yourself into a regular schedule, if necessary, supplement psyllium husk.


Itchy Rash:

Cause: intolerance to certain foods and dry skin (I think)

Remedy: finding the intolerance and eliminating it (mostly) from your diet. Eat foods high in Vitamin A that are good for skin repair and get more Vitamin D from the sun. Common foods that cause  averse reactions are nuts,gluten,dairy, and mango.

Regularly lotion and oil the afflicted area, and clean the rash if any open wounds develop. Hydrocortisone cream is also worth a try.


Several trends can be seen here that connect within all of the issues.

  1. High lipid content is no bueno
  2. Processed food are literally disease
  3. Vegetables are a godsend
  4. Water is ESSENTIAL
  5. Exercise is more important than just vanity
  6. And the big one..



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