So constricting

I feel restricted

Restless but quelled

Silent but inside I yell

No is the majority of everything emitted

I can’t keep being dissented

Thrown out but so quickly shot down

Skeet hits the heavily controlled ground

Quickly it breaks to a billion tiny pieces

Fueling the fire within

This morbid disease is

Searching for beaches

Shores we can not walk hand in hand

This ravenous hunger that emanates from my soul

It’s not mine and never was

Long before it will be

If it will be

I can not help the tears that fall from my eyes

As I’m told confident lies

Of what will happen at sunrise

I long for the day when I won’t hear them say

The inhibitor of all joy

The creation of disappointment

The noose that lies upon the neck

Of the head with the lips i kiss


Someday when there’s no one to answer to

Or ask permission through

No will be a myth




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