No Time

A very wise man once opened me up to the notion of time, risk, and money being pretty much plagues brought on by society. I’m focusing on time currently, because I feel that it’s the easiest to move away from the standards with.

A few nights ago, I took the clock out of my room. I’ve looked at those red numbers my entire life.  Them staring back at me, filling me with anxiety about not being able to fall asleep or having school the next day, or something important that required rest. I used to picture a long black freight train coming at me, fast and loud, yet somehow moving slowly at the same time through an orange desert. It seemed as if it would fall of the tracks barreling toward it’s destination. I assume it was my mind’s way of expressing anxiety to me when I couldn’t fall asleep as a child. I finally got rid of the train.

So far on these first few nights without a clock, I’ve fallen asleep easier, woken up easier, and generally stopped worrying so much about deadlines of things. Although deadlines are still important, and I’m on top of them, it’s nice not to be constantly pressured by those red eyes. Sleep is such good medicine, and it should be a meditative and restorative experience, not a chore, or something to pass time.

If your reasoning for not sleeping restfully is because of an uncomfortable mattress, wouldn’t you do what you could to remedy that? If it’s not the right temperature where you sleep, wouldn’t you add or remove covers or change the thermostat? If a cause of dissatisfaction with your quality of sleep is associated with something as simple as a clock is the issue, why wouldn’t you remove it? If you’ve tried everything else, but the numbers still keep you awake (even if you’re not aware of them doing it), take the clock out of your room for a little while. You may never re introduce it into your sanctuary.

Every school morning I set my alarm for the moment the sun will rise on my phone, which I moved to the other side of my room so the waved aren’t directly next to my head like they used to be. I think it’s a natural instinct to wake up with the sun. Closed curtains, and closed windows are the culprit for oversleeping and imbalance of sleep cycles. We are creatures of nature, and therefor should strive for longevity through instinct. I also strongly agree with the technological interference of sleep patterns.

Try getting rid of your clock. See what happens.

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