No More Diets

What a notion. wow. so original. Hang with me here.


For so long I’ve struggled with my weight. Learn my entire detailed history here.

I’ve tried a billion diets, and had so many bad days because I was so hard on myself about something someone as young as me should never have had to deal with. The position I’m in is being perpetuated by what I’ve seen for so long as the solution.



Maybe it’s time to let things fall into their natural flow, rather than continue to fight nature. Spoiler alert, nature wins every time. Why not enjoy the present? stop wasting my childhood with problems that I’m making up. I have rolls. I’m bigger than a tween, a teen even. I have curves too. Stretch marks, cellulite. But hello there, I’m a woman. If you have a problem with that, and the way I look. Hope the door hits you really hard so you can wake up and stop preferring the photo shopped to hell women who are made of plastic and have no souls- OKAY. Do you get me? I’m beautiful, and so are you. Start living.


Dance by the ocean in your birthday suit, don’t worry about a little extra bounce. Climb the trees and mountains, powered by your strong muscles, whether they’re lean and visible or not. Exist for now, and don’t be concerned with what was or what will be. Only know it was all good, and always will be. Even when life isn’t perfect. Even when you aren’t perfect. No one is perfect. You will never be perfect. But may you be happy, prosperous, and never cease to grow.



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