3 Weeks with Dreadlocks

I made my appointment for my extensions and first maintenance for February 24!lindsey%20dreads%20charley2

So, 3 weeks. They still change a lot with every wash, and always get looser. I know it’s time to wash them when they get super itchy and keep me up at night. That happens about every 3 days.  As you can see in this picture, the top is getting frizzy.


It’s really humid today, and the ends of my dreads are curling up like Jackie Kennedy! Here I have my lose hair braided back because it keeps trying to dread itself, and almost seems like more trouble than it’s worth, but I do like the look.

They still don’t have any loops, although maybe the hint of the beginning of some, and they haven’t shrunk at all.  Every time they get washed they get softer, which is nice, but I assumed as they got softer, they’d get less itchy, but I was wrong. The itch got deeper.


The ends may look like really skinny dreads, but they’re juts lose hair that’s stuck together. I still always wear my dreads back at school. Not too much has changed yet.



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