2 Weeks With Dreadlocks

Two weeks later, I continue to love them!


After a few more showers, they continued to get loser at the roots. This is normal! mature dreadlocks aren’t dreaded all the way to the roots either. It’s easy to want to go get maintenance right away, but it can hinder the maturation process, so wait and let them be.

My dreads were sort of spongy for a couple of days, and I could feel individual knots within them. When I washed them the next time, they seemed thicker and tighter. More evenly thickened.


At first, I didn’t know how to treat the ends of my hair. They were so wispy and about the same length of my dreads in thin lose hair, so I used conditioner right at the tips. I also condition the ends of the completely lose hair at the from to try and prevent them from dreading, which they often try to do. I stopped conditioning the ends of my dreads and it made a world of difference in their appearance.

The ends have started to stick together and look more uniform and like tapered dreads rather than fluffy frizz.



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