What is the Perfect Day?

Well, food and exercise wise.

6:00: Wake Up

6:01: Be out of bed and on the toilet (lol :p)

6:10: Drink a liter of water

6:15: Sit down for morning yoga

7:00: Cycle for 30 minutes

7:30: Drink more water, Eat breakfast take vitamins

8:00: do something productive, or go to school

9:00: keep doing something productive

10:00: Go outside

12:00: Have lunch

1:00: Do more productive things

4:00: Be done with another liter of water

5:30: Eat dinner

7:00: Work out

8:00: Drink a liter of water

10:00: be asleep

If I could do that  (pretty much) everyday, I’d achieve what I’ve been after for years. I’ve been working working for so long and so wrong. So here are my goals, even healthier than ever. Along with a good mindset, I’ll get it, and keep it.



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