Week 1 with Dreadlocks

Getting used to them!


I’ve had dreadlocks for a week now, and I fall deeper in love every day.


They’ve relaxed a lot and gotten loser at the roots, which is a healthy sign. I haven’t noticed any shrinkage other than the initial stuff.


They still itch quite a bit and the wispy ends keep trying to tangle themselves, but the eventual extensions will remedy that.


I’ve showered twice now and used dreadlocks shampoo both times. One day I had to take a shower in the evening, and my hair was still moist when I woke up the next morning! I’ve never been a morning shower person, but night showers aren’t gonna fly anymore unless I blow dry, and I really don’t like using heat. Each time I shower they get a lot loser at the roots, which was a huge relief after my first sleepless sore night. I also palm roll them every two days, because I’d like them to be a little thicker rather than thinner.


I haven’t gotten any negative reviews about them yet, though I wear them in a bun everyday since they’re so short right now, and it’s hard to tell I have dreads from the front.



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