No Poo

WHAT?! You don’t poop? No lol, I don’t SHAMpoo!


WHAT?! You don’t poop? No lol, I don’t SHAMpoo!


Back in November I discovered the trend of no poo. Being a greasy teen, I was unsure if this would work for me.  Honestly, I’m still unsure.


(I was going to put a picture here, but I don’t have any good ones from my no poo phase)


Anyway, I wore it up a lot, due to the fact that it almost always looked like I poured a bottle of olive oil on my head. The only time it was presentable was after I took a shower and really worked the grease through my hair. When I’m really needing a shower, my head gets really itchy. I also noticed that It took FOREVER to dry, even longer than my usual two hour air drying hair, and since I don’t use heat, I really have to plan out my showers! My mother said she noticed that dirty hair smell, but I still never have, but she isn’t on board with a whole lot of my hair choices, so I feel like whatever I do she won’t totally agree with.


I got those icky negatives over with, so here are the pros. A lot less than the negatives , but I think that they’re more important than the little inconveniences of overly shampooed hair so the pros, in my opinion, are worth more than the cons. first one being, I didn’t have to buy shampoo, so that was nice. Along with the fact that traveling with one less bottle was extremely efficient. I still use conditioner, but there was one very greasy time when I got away without using any products, which I was very proud of. My hair is much healthier also, which is what I was after. Actually no, I kind of just wanted to see what would happen, but it did get healthier.


The way you eat really affects the oiliness of your head and skin, so raw vegans have an easier time, than Atkins diet followers. I’d recommend giving it  a shot, but just like dreads, you have to be patient and give your hair time to readjust to it’s natural state. Everyone is going to be oily at first, and there’s no exact amount of time that it will take for you to adjust. You’ll never know if you don’t try.


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