January Favorites

The beginning of 2017 has come with a good bit of positive growth. I’m happy with the direction I’m headed mentally, and physically. If this trend continue, I’ll be ideal by this time next year, but if I’m not that’ll still be okay. Superficial things aren’t the focus of life, so don’t get caught in the trap that social media creates. I didn’t make a resolution, because there shouldn’t be a set time to  start moving in a positive direction. Every day is a new beginning, so focus on today. The only thing you should be planning ahead for is your next adventure.

My Favorite Things

Band- Led Zeppelin

Song- Kashmir


TV Show- Friends

Color- Lavender

Exercise- Blogilates and Stationary Cycling



Hairstyle- down and crazy

Store- Goodwill

Brand- Umgee but I really don’t care about brands

Animal- Squirrel

Adventure- I went skiing with a very special person without adult supervision for the first time, then got snowed in at his house and got to have a two night consecutive sleepover, where he, me, and several friends played like little kids in the hills of the cow pasture next door.

Quote- “her soul was too deep to explore by those who always swam in the shallow end”

– A.J. Lawless

Youtuber- Elise Buch

Physical Part of Myself- My quads, eyes, and hair

Internal Part- Bravery, and growing confidence

Item of clothing- My Umgee kimono and Lems







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