Pre Dread Jitters

I’m getting dreads in 4 days


I’m getting dreads in 4 days, pretty much 3 not counting today. I’m very excited and trying my hardest to be optimistic despite some less than positive comments from my parents. I’m looking forward to the change.


A Brief Hair History

I haven’t done many crazy hings with my hair until recently. A few shorter cuts back in elementary, and the classic side bang of middle school. *cringe*. When I was in about 6th or 7th grade, my hair went from pretty straight, to wavy and mermaid-y. I absolutely love it that way, and it loves the rain, but the bottom layer of my hair is super fried and has mysteriously been that way for a long while even though I haven’t put heat on it in over 2 years. It wasn’t until last summer when I dyed some of it purple when I did something bold. Sadly, that lasted a day because I went to the beach and The ocean took all the color and left me with a sun kissed ombre. I preferred that, I don’t feel like unnatural hair colors are for me. Since then I’ve played with the idea of getting dreadlocks, but I was never brave enough, even though my hair always tried to dread itself and was totally sending me signs. I’ve also been doing no poo for the past month or 2, and that’s been going well.


Pre Dreadlock Questions

Will my hair be thick enough for a big mane?

Will they fall weird?

How much of my scalp will show  after?

Will I look good?

Will I feel like myself or will the hair color regret sink in?

Will my hair be okay in the event that I have to brush them out?

Is my hair long enough?

Should I get extensions?

How long do I have to wait to put beads in?

Will I be able to make a bun immediately?

Will they shrink up badly?

Will they get thicker over time?


If you noticed a lack of questions about other peoples’ reaction, it’s because I don’t think I really care. Of course it’ll be weird to feel the stares at first. When my hair was purple I got some disapproving looks which left my face a bright shade of red, but I’m in a much better place now as far as confidence goes, so I’ll be fine, and if a person doesn’t approve, or if they judge me, then I don’t want them in my life. They aren’t the person for me, and that’s fine. I’ll never be anything but nice to everyone who gives me the opportunity to be nice to them.

My Mom and Dad aren’t looking forward to the dreads, but I am using my money, and it’s my hair, and I know I’d regret it if I didn’t try. Life’s short! I hope I can win them over though, and I hope they someday feel the way I do about them.


I want to get dreads as a badge of confidence. It makes me feel brave that I’m willing to potentially sacrifice one of my favorite features about myself. It’ll also be a great test of patience waiting for them t mature. Since I don’t want “fretlocks” I’ll also work on being chill and letting what is, be. I’m excited to see the change, and fall into myself. Experimenting is fun! Don’t be afraid. I’ll post the day I get them and share about my initial reaction.

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